Skilled Gardeners
Skilled Gardeners
Qualified Skilled Passionate Gardeners

Garden Design

Our garden designs are based on sound plant knowledge with a view to providing all year round interest - plenty of colour, scent, structure and foliage interest.

We combine your functional garden needs and your style in both layout and plant choices.

We are always mindful of your own gardening skill level and/or gardening budget for ongoing maintenance.

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Skilled Gardening

 Your garden is your outside living room and it should bloom!

We give nature a skilled, helping hand to get the absolute most out of your garden and ensure it's a great place not only to view but to play, dine and relax in.

Our services include regular maintenance, small to large scale projects, renovations and garden clearances.

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Horticultural Advice

All gardens suffer with pests and diseases and often have specific problem areas where plants can't thrive.   

We offer an analytical, advisory and treatment service to help you get the most out of your garden.

A horticultural advisory session is followed up with a written report with recommend detailed solutions and we can complete the work for you.

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